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    All the best Susanne

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PhD in Boston

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I’m Suzanne Wilkens, 25 years old and in three weeks I will graduate from medical school in the Netherlands. After my graduation I have the ambition to become a doctor who specializes in reconstructive surgery and hand surgery.

The selection for this specialty is very hard and you have to be excellent in what you do and show extracurricular skills. During my education I discovered my interest in scientific medical research. Because of that, I would like to participate in a scientific fellowship and acquire my PhD in medicine. I’m a hard working woman and my enthusiasm, ambition and perseverance got me a great opportunity at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston (Harvard Medical School). Here, I will be completing a scientific fellowship of two years at the hand surgery department (a subspecialty of orthopedic surgery).

During these two years, I will unfortunately not receive any compensation. Therefore I have to make sure I have enough money to make this great opportunity possible (approximately 50.000 dollars). Everyone in my surrounding supports my decision, however, my parents and other family members don’t have the financial funds to accommodate my PhD.

Why should you financially support me:  I’m a driven young woman with a very specific goal, next to that I’m a kind and social person. Harvard doesn’t take in the least candidates and they have all the confidence in me. Normally I’m very modest, but to be able to achieve my dream, I have to be very proactive in finding the funds.


I hope you will be the one to make this financially possible for me! Thank you.

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