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Wanted: Criminology

Due to seriuos injuries I will no longer be able to work as a classical guitarist. With this not only my dream vanished but also my income and perspective for the future.

However, feeling sorry for myself will not get me anywere, so...what to do now...
I've always been intrigued by crime and criminality and I found my new calling! No...I won't pursue a career as a criminal...but would like to learn everything there is to learn about it in order to contribute in making this world a saver place for all of us.

Criminology it is!

My financial situation is not sufficient to pay for the studiefee and although asking for help, especialy when it comes to money, isn't my favourite thing, I find myself out of options.

I would like to ask any and all of you to make a small donation. Even the smallest donation is more than welcome!
As you can see I will need quite a lot, this doesn't cover the costs though. I will try to do as much as I can myself.

To all who will (consider to) donate, thank you, thank you, thank you!!
I'm forever gratefull and can assure you I will studie my ass off!!


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Wie kan mij helpen?

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