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  • € 10 Door: Marianne Nestle

    Don't stop following your passion!

    6 maanden geleden
  • € 10 Door: Hans van Etten

    follow your dreams bro

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 10 Door: Frie

    Hi Gabriel, I came across your story. Hope your new home is coming together... Good luck! Groetjes van Frie (formerly known as Jasmin, who a looong time ago stayed at the hemelvaart for awhile and donated a painting :) )

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 5 Door: Brett Barbaro

    Good luck, Gabriel!

    1 jaar geleden

Support after Fire

Support after Fire  image
Dear Brothers and Sisters, let's help Gabriel Van Jones who lost his house in a fire..

In the night of march 25th, while he was away, Gabriel's house burned down to the ground. The beloved Van Jones Museum is gone. Let's help our brotherrebuild his house or buy new clothes...all donations are welcome..no matter how small