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Servicedog for little Lin

Servicedog for little Lin  image
Little Lin (3 years) needs a servicedog. Help me help Lin!

This is a story about a little thee year old girl named Lin. She suffered from a shortage of oxygen what changed her entire life...

Nowadays she will have to live with an motorical impairment. It's difficult, because she depends on others to live a normal life. Just like everybody else, little Lin wants to live an as normal life as can be in order te feel free. This feeling of freedom can make her probably even more happy than any other little girl you will ever meet!

Wouldn't it be great if we could make a small effort and by doing so we would make little Lin a happy little Lin?

Lin needs a servicedog to achieve this! A friend that can make her life much more easy. Wouldn't you be honoured to share her story if you'd know it would help her get the riher roght to live an as normal life as can be?!

A servicedog is the help she needs, but is also a very expensive friend. Little Lin needs to collect 8.000,- Euro to buy her freedom.

Recording new single

Recording new single "Alone"

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