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Get Erika to Amsterdam

MAD (Mothers Against Discrimination and Racism) Mothers NL is in direct contact with Erika Totten from ToLiveUnchained as we speak.

Erika Totten is a co-founder of ‪#‎BlackLivesMatterDMV — focusing on the District, Maryland and Virginia.

We want her to participate at the Empowerment & Solidarity March we are organizing on 20 June 2015.
So she can speak her empowering words an inspire the Dutch crowd directly.
She will bring fundamental impact to the Empowerment & Solidarity march in Netherlands!

Unfortunately we don’t have any funding ourselves to get her to Amsterdam.

We need funding for ticket, accommodation and expenses.
We need your support! We are raising the funds to uplift US MAD Mother Erika Totten.

We need just a few dollars/Euros per person. If the people from both sides of the ocean contribute we can do this!

We lift Erika Totten so we all Rise. #BlackMomsMatter from Washington to Amsterdam!

On June 20, 2015, MAD Mothers will organise an empowerment and solidarity demonstration in Amsterdam in line with the global #AllBlackLivesMatter movement.  In the spirit of our movement, we will also be marching under the slogan #BlackMomsMatter in order to highlight the struggle of black mothers in the Netherlands and around the globe.  Faced with a combination of sexism, racism and the struggle of raising children in a society that systemically discriminates against them, we are organising this event to send a message of solidarity to black mothers in the  US and everywhere where such problems exist.  It is time for the value and contribution of mothers to society, and black mothers in particular, to be recognised.  On these grounds, we stand in opposition to any cuts to education allowances and to all other financial barriers to a decent education.

However we do not limit our struggle and solidarity to mothers of colour; we will stand up for and defend the rights of all those that suffer from sexism, racism and all other types of discrimination in our society.  It is for this reason that we stand in solidarity with the refugees and asylum-seekers of the We Are Here movement, whose struggle for justice is too often overlooked by media and politicians.  Miriam of this movement will give a talk on the day of the demonstration on their struggle and how we can learn from one another.

MAD (Mothers Against Discrimination) Mothers is a group that campaigns for the rights of black and brown children, their educators, parents, and in particular the mothers of these children.  We are opposed to, and actively campaign against, racism, sexism and all other forms of discrimination.  

‘We Rise By Lifting (M)Others’

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