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  • € 10 Door: Jolien Krispijn

    Jaaaa kaartje van de kitties!!

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 25 Door: Diana

    Spannend, het is dus bijna zover ! Veel plezier.

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 40 Door: Yvonne Sonnevelt

    Lieve Nynke, Vlinder en Twice. Hier is de opbrengst van mijn trimkat bij Ina in de winkel afgelopen zaterdag. Dat was ook een Main Coon, een prachtige kat van 10 kilo. Het zijn superlieve en mooie katten en ik wens jullie zo een schat erbij! Veel geluk in jullie gouden mandje <3 Liefs Yvonne.

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 10 Door: Ina van Berkum

    Wil ik wel een kaart van het Vlin-bloemenmeisje hoor!! ;-)

    1 jaar geleden

Deaf Row cat nr 3

Deaf Row cat nr 3 image
For Dreams... Another deaf white Maine Coon!

I saw a young couple performing on the streets in Praque. Beside their great act, I was really moved by the simple text that they had written on their sign. Just 2 words reflecting endless possibilities: For dreams...

My dream used to be a white Maine Coon. My dream came true when I got odd eyed Tw'Ice. And a second time with Vlinder. Both beauties are deaf. Beside being great cats, because of them I discovered my talent for photographing pets and am making this my new career.

For sometime I have a dream, part III. It is about another white Maine Coon, one with blue eyes this time. Beside the fact that one can never have too many Maine Coon, I would like to make the purrr-fect picture from 3 golden & 3 blue eyes from 3 snow white Maine Coons.

Two is a duo, it takes 3 to make a row

I am not even going to calculate the odds, but it so happened that the Coon kitten that stole my heart is also deaf. That's why I chose the name for this Maine Coon photograpghy project to be ' Deaf Row'.


No matter the outcome of this project, the little fellow is coming anyway. I just thought it would be wicked to give anyone a chance of being a part of my dream. All money of course will be spent on bringing the new cat home and making the Deaf Row picture.

Everyone who joins will get acces to a special Facebook page were all updates and pictures of the trip will be exclusive for participators in my dream.

Other rewards

Donate 5 euro:

Get your name mentioned on the Wall of Furrr, being the cover picture of the Facebook page of Tw'Ice. The Wall of Furrr will stay online until the end of August 2015.

Donate 10 euro:

Receive a personalised card - starring the 3 cats of Deaf Row - for Christmas

+ your name on the Wall of Furrr

Donate 25 euro:

Get a signed copy of the very first edition of the 'Cat with Hat' calender delivered on your doormat!

+ your name on the Wall of Furrr

Donate 50 euro

Get your own picture taken with one of the 3 Deaf Row cats! Shoots will be held in Rotterdam, traveling is at your own expense. Shoot includes tea / coffee and cookies

+ your name on the Wall of Furrr

Donate 75 euro

Get a T-shirt with the picture of the 3 Deaf Row kitties. It ain't cheap, but in the whole wide world there will be only 3 of them ;)

+ your name on the Wall of Furrr and a post just for you at Tw'Ice his Facebook page

IMPORTANT! In order to claim your reward you will need to leave a name with your donation AND send an email to nynke@catchyimages.nl with this name and your further contact information.  I will only use them to get your reward delivered, I also hate spam ;)

Anonymous donations will be treated as donations.

Website of my photography: www.catchyimages.nl

Facebook page Tw'Ice: www.facebook.com/TwIceTFM