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The best babywearing webshop

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Are you a babywearing parent and do you remember the feeling you had when you learned how to safely and comfortably use a wrap or found the perfect carrier which gave you that extra pair of hands, painfree shoulders and a satisfied baby? If you do, wouldn't it be great if more parents could experience this feeling?

Babywearing is carrying your child (from newborn to toddler) in a wrap or carrier, but it's so much more: it's getting your mobility, independance and sometimes even your sanity back.

As a babywearing parent a wrap or babycarrier gives me an extra pair of hands, but it also gives me some peace of mind, because often I can go on with what I was doing with my son happy and relaxed in the carrier on my back, in stead of him crying at my feet because he wants to be carried and I already have my hands full or am just not able to carry him in my arms.

That relaxed, but also powerful feeling babywearing gives us is something I want to give every parent ans child!

Right now I promote babywearing through Facebook ( and other social media channels and I help parents through my babywearing consultancy and sling library where it's possible to try and rent different carriers and wraps. It would be great when I can expand these services with a babywearing webshop.

Would you please help me with this by making a donation?

- For every donation you'll receive my love and everlasting gratitude!

- For a donation of € 25,- or more you'll be invited to our babywearing event in Amsterdam to celebrate the opening of the webshop.

- For a donation of € 50,- or more you'll receive € 15,- discount on a babywearing workshop in Amsterdam.

- For a donation of € 100,- or more, you'll receive € 25,- discount on your purchase in my webshop (only in Europe).

- Businesses: for a donation of € 250,- or more you'll receive promotion on my website for 6 months in the form of your logo and a link to your website.

All donations will be used for making the logo, building thr website including webshop and everything else that is necessary for making this dream come true, like a small inventory for a very unique service I'm planning to deliver.

I'm looking forward to tell you more about my plans!!!

Love, Melanie

Carry In Style - Amsterdam Babywearing Services

IMPORTANT! In order to claim your reward you will need to leave your name + emailaddress with your donation. 


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