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Behandeling voor Giorgi

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George Jishkariani from the Republic of Georgia needs our help to live. He is 12 years old and only weights 13 kg. He has been suffering for three years already and is still undiagnosed.

Georges two brothers both passed away with undiagnosed illness with the same symptoms as George, one was 6 years old Goga Jishkariani and 12 years old Tengo Jishkariani.

He is being treated in Georgia but this treatment only helps to keep him stable but this won't last long. Doctors in Georgia are unable to heal him. His condition is getting worse day after day. He needs to be sent to Germany as soon as possible for treatment and research, which costs 50 000 € (approximately 55 000 $). Family is socially vulnerable. They have sold everything they had, to save George and thay have nothing left. They are fighting to save their third son. Imagine the devastation of family and of mother who is losing her third son. These are the painful words of desperate little boy -" what is the point of this treatment, it's not helping, i will die anyway, at least let me die peacefully. You told the same to my brothers but you could not save them." I am asking every one of you to help. You are mothers,fathers, brothers and sisters, friends and cousins, imagine yourself in place of this boy and his family. One person is weak but together we can make a change, there are many of us, if every one of us helps a little we will make it happen and save this little boy.

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Every child a X-mas present

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