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Type-rating Boeing 737 -

Type-rating Boeing 737 - image
Help me tackle the current job crisis in the aviation world by separating myself from the big group of ab-initio pilots by funding my type-rating which should improve my chances of a job as a pilot immensely!

What happened?
From the year 2010 until 2012 I followed an ATPL training at the Dutch Flight Academy to obtain my commercial pilots license. With aviation being my true passion I set out with good hope I would find a job after completing my training. I was told this shouldn't be a problem because at the time no-one foresaw the current job crisis going on in the aviation world.  

What seems to be the problem?
There are a lot of problems I have to deal with as an ab-initio pilot (ab-initio's are pilots who left school with the minimum required amount of flying hours for a commercial pilots license) trying to get that first job. First of all, I have a lot of competition going for the same job. The odds of being ''just a number'' is quite high and I rarely even get a response after I applied for a job. 

The second problem is the Pay2Fly schemes that pop-up at airlines that used to hire low hour pilots like me. This means they ask a certain amount of money for ''line-training'' this amount can go up to 50 000€!! I refuse to participate with these almost criminal setups. 

There are a lot more obstacles that prevent me from getting that all important first job. For example most airlines ask a high amount of experience and flying hours. And so I can go on and on. 

So how do I want to deal with this problem?
I want to get a type-rating for the Boeing 737. What does this mean? well essentially its an additional training I need to do for a specific type of aircraft. When completed, I am legally allowed to fly this type of aircraft.

How will this help?
The Boeing 737 is the most used type of aircraft all over the world. Airlines prefer type-rated pilots over pilots with no qualification. This is because type-rated pilots can quickly start flying for the company without needing any additional/time consuming training. In my current social network, I see for myself that my friends who are currently type-rated are getting hired. This is because the economy is starting to find its way up again. I want to take advantage of this situation and therefore get the type-rating and be ready to fly. 

What will I do with your money?
I intend to get my type-rating on short notice. (preferably this summer) I intend to ask for a loan and I should be able to pay back at least 75% of the money within next year. This is due to tax rebates and the money I am currently saving. The only problem is that this money isn't available to me on such a short notice. 

If I do nothing, there will be enough other pilots that will take the opportunity. by getting a type-rating I will put myself in front of the line and I will be ready for any company willing to hire me. 

The financial picture:

I intend to pay back the amount that has been lend to me. I would like to show you how I plan to do this. I plan to pay back the biggest amount with my tax rebate. I currently have €3200,- saved up. The total cost of a TR would be close to €16 000,- (including accommodation and everything I need) So I would need to loan around €13 000,- By next year, I should get around €6000,- back from the government and I am also saving the ''huurtoeslag'' which I am entitled too. This saves me €3200,- I am also planning to use the ''vakantiegeld'' I am currently building up and should be around €1000,-

Therefore I should be able to return around €10 000,- by at its latest around June 2016. That is 76% of the total amount I need, I aim to have paid everything back by the end of 2016 which most likely is very possible. I hope this story was informative enough and I can always be contacted for any questions by e-mail or mobile phone. Thanks again, Amar