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Improve kitesurf safety

Kite Knowledge is a new project by kitesurfers who want to improve safety and allround skills in the kitesurfing scene. Videos on safety, Tutorials, trick videos. you can ask us anything.

Kite Knowledge is a new project by kitesurfers who want to improve safety and allround skills in the kitesurfing scene. Even for those who’ve been kitesurfing for years and years there is always something to improve.

Kitesurfing is very safe and accessible nowadays however to be totally safe you’ll have to get some knowledge.

What is the kite knowledge Project?

Kite Knowledge is a totally Free project which will make kitesurfing saver. We will analyses accidents, make videos about kite safety, answer your questions about kitesurfing, produce video tutorials for tricks(yes we know about the progression dvds but don’t you think a lot of it is outdated.), video tutorials understanding your kitesurfing equipment. Simply to improve the safety in the kitesurfing scene.

Don’t you agree after your kitesurfing lessons there is kind of a gap on how to proceed. It is very likely that within a few months you’ll be in a dangerous situation with kitesurfing due to lack of knowledge. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could access a video database where you find anything about riding safe and preventing your possible problems?

Why do we need you?

We will need a professional camera equipment to produce the best videos possible. To make the best videos possible we would need multiple angles for the best experience and point of view for the viewer, YOU! We are doing this totally FREE and will invest a lot of time. We would love to see some support from you as a fellow kitesurfer.


Are there any costs involved?

No, we are 100% and we will remain free. When are you planning to go live? We will answer your questions right away on our facebook page and with our own hashtag on twitter. Facebook: As for our videos we will start as soon as we’ve received sufficient donations. Why do we need you? Without your support kitesurfing will stay as it is. A fake bubble of safety with a huge amount of kitesurfers that lack sufficient amount knowledge.

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