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  • € 30 Door: Jutta Hildebrandt

    Liebe Regina, heute habe ich nostalgisch "gegooglet", wer aus meiner Zeit in Addis so geblieben ist. Ich bin stolz auf Dich und freue mich sehr, dass Du offensichtlich voller Ideen und Energie steckst. Ich wünsche euch für dieses tolle Projekt Zuspruch und Erfolg! Liebe Grüße, Jule

    10 maanden geleden
  • € 20 Door: Regine & Martin Steiner

    Liebe Regina, wir finden Dein Projekt bewundernswert und wünschen einen guten Start! Am 9.8.2009 halfst Du unserem Sohn Benjamin in einer langen Nachtschicht im Cadisco Hospital auf die Welt - mittlerweile ist aus dem kleinen Baby ein Schulkind geworden. Wie die Zeit vergeht! Uns allen geht es gut - Dir hoffentlich auch. Herzliche Grüße aus Karlsruhe, Regine, Martin, Benjamin und Juliana.

    12 maanden geleden
  • € 15 Door: Steven Van Dijck

    When the most incredible people recommend this, there is no getting around it.

    1 jaar geleden
  • € 20 Door: Alice Allan

    Good luck wonderful women!

    1 jaar geleden

1st Waldorf Ethiopia

1st Waldorf Ethiopia image
To start the first Waldorf daycare/kindergarten/school in Ethiopia we need startup money!

The Regina Family Center was founded by several parents who were all in touch with Regina, a German midwife, mostly during pregnancy, delivery and during the first period with the newborn baby.

After 2 years of preparation, brain storming and planning, the Regina Family Center PLC was licensed by the Ethiopian Government.  The Center will consist of 5 components:

  • Waldorf daycare/kindergarten/school
  • Health consultation and birthing center
  • Parents cafe & shop
  • Yoga for all family members
  • Seminar-workshops and training center.

All components of our project are linked to each other because we are seeing them in a holistic way.

From the beginning, Regina made clear, that it was her dream to start a Waldorf Daycare, Kindergarten and also School, since there is nothing similar in the country and everybody she met wished to have an alternative to the common educational system. She introduced parents to the ideas of Steiner and the Philosophy behind the Waldorf Kindergarten and Schools and we were very amazed and impressed about this approach towards children. So we decided to open a Waldorf Daycare and Kindergarten with the hope to build on this a school.

In April 2015 we found a house which seemed appropriate and after renting it, we started the Waldorf oriented Daycare with our little ones and with the advice of  a Waldorf Kindergarten teacher from Germany. We are still learning, but we are very optimistic that we are on the right track.

The daycare/kindergarten will start with children between 12 months and 4 years old and we have the capacity to enroll 40 to 50 children since we have found another, more appropriate place in Addis Ababa. A place which we call ‘true Waldorf’, with horses, a big compound, a play ground, trees, a vegetable garden,  a big house on it, stables for the horses and 6 other outside rooms.

End of September we will get help for 6 weeks from a retired Waldorf Kindergarten teacher who will help us understanding and starting in the right way, train ourselves and the nannies, as well as  the parents.

All this is a big task, which requires a lot of money. For the first 6 months in the new house we need foreign currency to pay the rent. So we are asking for financial help, especially in the Waldorf/Steiner community all over the globe to realize the first Waldorf school in Ethiopia.

Please donate a small amount, 10 Euro,10 Dollars, 10 pounds from 1000 people would help us a lot to make this first steps.

Many greetings from Ethiopia!

The Regina Family Center –team and midwife Regina Abelt

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