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    Good luck ladies!

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Visiting a MotoGP paddock

Visiting a MotoGP paddock image
We are 2 girls who are completely addicted to MotoGP....and bikes in general. We met through our mums (who also love the races) following the tragic death of Marco Simoncelli on 23-Oct-2011. Some people think we are complete reading nutcases but this is what we love....despite it being a male dominated sport. We attend the Assen TT together along with our mums, fault and friends each year. Anouk lives in Assen (Netherlands) and Clayre in Berkshire (Britain).

We are trying to get €4500 for making our dream come true. 

But we also want to do someting for you! When we have reached the total amount we wil also give away 2 VIP tickets for a MotoGP paddock.

With every €10 you donate you get one ticket number.
With every €25 you donate you get three ticket numbers . Make sure you don't donate anoymous.
When the ammount has reached €4500 we will draw one ticket, and the number will win the VIP tickets. 

For a donation of €5 you will be mentiond on our wall of fame (Facebook and Twitter)

We also will buy some merchendise from different riders and try to get it signed in the paddock. We will give away the merchendise so make sure you donate! Everyone who made a donation makes a chance to win!

We also will make Girls in the Paddock dresses. 
With a donation of at least €250 your name will be printed on our dresses (a company name/logo is also possible)
With a donation of at least €500 we will advertise for your company on our Twitter and Facebook account and also your name/company logo will be put on our dresses. 

For teams on the paddock: 
For every team donation of at least €750 we will be your personal minions for an hour. We can clean your hospitality, the bikes, make coffee for an hour in our lovely Minion suits.