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Eddie the Vizsla

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Hi, I am Eddie, a 6 year old Hungarian Vizsla. I really need your support for a single hip replacement.

My best friends Mahir and Shane really wanted to extend their family to include a Vizsla. They researched the web for a long time and got in touch with lots and lots of breeders to make sure that the mother and father Vizsla's were healthy and no overbreeding took place. After almost a year of searching they found my mom had given birth to my littler. The information they had on the breeder was, at least on paper, exceptional. Only healthy dogs, no overbreeding, no genetic diseases, great socializing and more than 30 years of experience with breeding the Vizsla’s. This was just perfect (see more information on the breeders on: When Mahir and Shane came to see me first, they met the breeder and my mom and dad and eventually me. I could tell by their faces that they had instantly fallen in love with me. Not difficult of course, because I am adorable :)

At 10 weeks I was picked up by my new best friends and brought to my new home in Amsterdam. Everything was new and exciting and time just passed by so quickly. At 4 months Mahir kept on putting his ears close to my hips and he looked concerned. I thought if I just lick his face he'd smile again. But he instead took me to the vet. I can't really remember much after because I woke up with a huge hangover and a more serious face on Mahir. Shortly thereafter we drove to a specialist in Utrecht, who was very kind and gave lots of kisses and massages. What happened after I think is best told by Mahir, because I fell asleep again :)

The vet took x-rays and did multiple movement range tests. The diagnoses was that Eddie has HD class C, meaning the worst level of Hip Dysplasia. Due to the fact that Eddie was still a puppy he recommended to have a surgery on his right side where the HD was already very advanced. The surgery was very painful and very expensive, but successful. It took Eddie almost 3 months to fully recover from it.

At age 4 he started showing symptoms of discomfort on his left side. Walks became increasingly difficult and simple things like sitting and getting up were almost impossible. At the Vet, he got prescribed pain medication. I felt I was doing him more harm than good by filling his system with chemicals, so I looked for alternative treatment as well. He was enrolled in Physiotherapy and Aqua therapy. He was put on a strict regime of certain types of walks, multiple times per day etc. This seemed to be working well and we could also stop the medication. As HD is a bone degenerative disease, it would sporadically and very unexpected creep up on us. So we’d go back on his medication. The Vet visits combined with the expensive medication have cost us from 2010 until today a total of 11.700,00 EUR.

The Breeder did not want to know anything about it and insisted we should have left Eddie without treatment as in her opinion dogs always find a way to deal with the pain by themselves... As you can imagine, there is no need to go into any further details here.

To help Eddie now with a long term pain free treatment, we have one solid option. This solution is a full Hip Replacement on his left side. It is a very costly procedure and our finances are fully depleaded. This is why we are looking for your help to help Eddie. He is full of love and full of life. Even when he is in a phase of extreme pain, he has enough room in his heart to fill you with love. He never complains and always tries so hard to make everyone around him smile. With your help I hope Eddie soon never has to go through these extreme painful periods in his life.

Every cent counts. Whatever you can spare, be it 1 cent or 1 Euro or more.