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Microkredieten voor Moeders

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To raise funds for microcredits and the Microkredieten voor Moeders journey to Indonesia in January 2016, where I (tax consultant & money coach) will visit moms who are running a business on a microcredit nearby Bogor (Java).

Wow, good to see you here, I'm glad that you have a few minutes to spare to read about my SOUL GOAL for 2015!

After a very hectic season of sharing my knowledge about taxes, bookkeeping and budgeting with business starters in the Netherlands I feel that it is time to start giving back to those who need it the most.

I have found a fantastic passionate group through Microkredieten voor Moeders, who raise money to provide mothers in South East Asia a microcredit so she can start her own small business and support her family.

And by supporting her family I'm talking about very basic needs, like daily meals for the kids and getting them to school. These credits (which are approx. 85 Euro) will be given to only the poorest families who are not entitled to reach out to bigger microcredit organisations (many work with interest rates - Microkredieten voor Moeders does not!)

I'd love to raise 10 microcredits before 1 January so we can help these women to reach their own soul goals; a safe and stable environment for their family.

A part of this fund will go towards my trip to Indonesia, where I will visit a project and the moms in Bogor (Java) as part of the Female Leadership Journey. All other money will go directly into the microcredits.

Microkredieten voor Moeders is a 100% volunteer organisation, which means that 99% of their raised funds go directly to the mothers in need. A beautiful charity - with such a strong impact to change families, economies and in the end create a better world for us all.

Please feel free to share my love for this project, or let me know if you have any questions. Sincerely - an overly exited Kim.

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Every child a X-mas present

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