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    One love, one life: good luck.

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    Big up fyah mama. Go live ur dream

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    throwing a 50 to the cause ! i let u know what dub i want ;)

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    You go girl

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My 1st Musical Journey To JA

Greetings Beautyfull People! Im Black Omolo, A Kenyan Female Roots artist Based In the Netherlands.Since the age of 12 ive been Performing live art and music, I discoverd music is my passion my Life! Not just music but Reggae music* From I got Closer and More Connected To RastafarI i started dealing with the Spiritual Part of i love in the Music. Years of working hard to achieve i goals on Jah Journey with ups and downs, I look at i self as a strong Mama*Lionness on the Rise! Roarring for equal rights and justice,true words sound and powers. As i keep on learning and growing everyday,i keep on givin thanks for all that life has tought me and is teaching me... True everything works in Jah time, ive been blessed with the opportunity to Visit Jamaica for my first time to promote my music & works. This has Always been my dream! To visit Jamaica, the place where the Roots of Reggae music is. Now i revieve the blessings and chance to live my dream, i will live it! for 2 weeks in October 2015 :) To Realise my dream i would love to involve you to support my dream. Due to all the expence im facing on my journey , your support by a donation will help in a bigg way. Asking for this kind of help may be on of the hardest thing thats wy i came up with a plan to also do something back in Return

It would be More than Irie and a Plessure to involve my Sponsers and Supporters on my musical and educative Journey in Jamaica*

My Goals are:

Promoting My music * Studio Recordings * Video Shoot * Performing * Connecting with other artist and Musicians* Youth Work Shop at Orphan home*

Besides the regular updating of my stay in Jamaica I will be inviting my supporters, sponsers and followers on i Journey true Vlogs ( Video Blogs). This way you can be free to catch up the vibz live and direct at the same time see my achievements on i goals.


In Return of Some of the donations i will be givin away Black Omolo Servival pakkets * Dubplates & Live shows

by donation of : •20 euro * Get a Black Omolo Servival Pakket (small)

40 euro * Get a Black Omolo Servival Pakket(Medium)

60 euro * Get a Black omolo Servival pakket ( Large)

80 euro * Get a Black Omolo Servival Pakket (Xtra Large)

100 euro * Get 2 Black omolo Dubplate of your choice

200 euro * Accoustic or Soundsystem show 30 min

500 euro * Live band show

All donations are welcome, Feel free* And offcourse Sponsoring is welcome :)

Do you want to sponsor a part of my my Musical Journey? Email @, we can come up with great ideas!

I do Give lotss of Thanks with a Bigg Heart a love for all My Beautyfull People, Family,Friends ,Fans, and all who have been having faith and have been supporting i music trough the years all corners of the worls!

Jah Love***


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