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Let's Hit The Roads

We are a collective of young, innovative, dynamic people exploring our lives with Music! (Rock Bands, DJ'S, Singer Songwriter) Action! (Skateboarding, Surfing, Windsurfing, Snowboarding) Art! (Graffiti, Drawing, Graphic Design) Media! (Photography, Video, Film). And we want to meet new people and explore and travel the world!

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As said before we are a bunch of daredevils always ready to travel and explore the world. Now often when traveling we can't find the right places to stay/sleep. Therefor it would be brilliant to have our own camper in where we can sleep, laugh, cook and stay pretty much any place we want. For a group of daredevils the perfect way to travel.
With a camper we can easily hit the road for a music tour for 1 or 2 bands doing some gigs all over Europe.

 photo 10625124_10154527141790338_2666209904055618515_n_zpsw21nkpl3.jpg

We can easily hit the road and explore secret surf spots and meet new and cool surf locals all around Europe. Of course simular for skateboarders and or windsurfers/snowboarders. On our trips talented photographers and or filmers can record all our adventures. Then we can share all our experiences and adventures with other people who can then do the excact same. Share the LOVE Share the VIBES Share beautiful places of our world! 

 photo 14102660_1580755758896590_5343691762875274282_n_zpshogats5u.jpg

 photo 11800420_850995504953804_6522932241812679801_n_zpsstuia6px.jpg

Now with this new TOUR BUS we hope to offer lots new more affordable tours, events, contests, jams, gigs, experiences and promotions all over Europe. However, for this beautiful new project we ofcourse need a good budget to get everything rolling. for this we are asking 4000 euros.

When you like our project and you want to do a donation we would like to thanks a lot in advance!

If you prefer a direct money transfer to our bank account please make your donation here -->

Project name: LET'S HIT THE ROADS
Stichting Planet Contra

 photo 14142071_1580757035563129_4623107465194297333_n_zps18awmgix.jpg

We will do a SHOUT OUT to all who do a donation.

When donated € 20,- or more we will be happy to give you a free entrance to 1 of our many concerts taken place in several locations in Amsterdam NL

When donated € 50,- or more we will send you a free skateboard from 1 of our brands we run our distribution for

When donated € 100,- or more we will send you a package with a tshirt, skateboard and a set of skateboard wheels

When donated € 300,- or more we will put your company logo on the tour bus or you can join 1 or our road trips for FREE

Of Course with our running skateboard distribution we will try to do more and good investmensts to get a better profit and donate into this project ourselfs to.
We will also set up a benefit program with band nights, parties, skateboard/surf jams/sessions and or expositions for young art creators. In this way we promote our talents and also gather budget for our LET'S HIT THE ROADS! Check out the most recent agenda --> Planet Contra Events

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Check out the following link for the full story, video's and background information:


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