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    You go girl!! Memphis has to get well

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    I love that little hamster

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Save Memphis

Please help me save my little cutie

Me  & my hamster are inseparable. If I'm not at home playing with her, I am busy with showing pictures of her on my phone to other people. 

Unfortunately, I noticed a lump between her cheek and ear. The vet told me that it could either be an abcess or a tumor. Either way there is an examination surgerey needed to determine the diagnosis. After that an operation is needed to take the lump away. If not, the lump will keep growing and growing.

I love my hamster very much and therefore I don't want her to die in pain. I will do everything I can to save her! Unfortunately, the vet costs are really expensive. Therfore, I am asking your help. If you can miss anything, please donate it so we can save Memphis together.

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