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    good luck on sbcc you can do it

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to usa for my dream study

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who helps me with my dream study SBCC (Santa Barbara City College)
Hi all, I'm alexander a boy of 23 years old I live in the Netherlands and have a great big dream because my father's disease i was not able to make my dream come treu my father has already endured so much that I never had time for myself and everything I earned went to my father now, however, it is time also to myself that I'm going to think like what will my future look like at that thought, the tears running down me cheeks back as I realize I only have my high school diploma and no other diploma's My big wish is to in America to study for actor or singer This I would really like to do on the sbcc (santa barbara city college) and after two years transferred to ucla (university of california los angeles) Unfortunately cost a lot of money that these training courses per school year varies between 27000 and 40000 us dollar now I want to try to achieve this way people who want to help me my dream to reach after the time I have with my father endured because I have in fact doomed to fail with only a high school diploma I also know that I in America more likely to have a good career in the film industry and the music industry because the whole world knows that America is the land of the movies and the music the same I hope this appeals to you because I myself am at wits end and is typing this with tears in my eyes thank you very much for reading and if you want to help me, I am really very very thankful for this greetz alexander