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Farmers' Day

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Kind people out there! My first attempt for crowdfunding has started today! Is this gonna be a hit or well err, exit? The numbers will show. I have about a month to reach my ultimate goal of raising € 2000 or R 30 340. For every €200 or R 1517 collected I shall post my version of a Happy Dance on Facebook. YAY! I know you wanna see it :p

This year 600 small holder farmers from ten rural areas in the Ugu district of KwaZulu-Natal (South Africa) have signed up to grow produce for the fast growing Kumnandi brand, managed by local non-profit organization called Siyavuna. Farmers part of the programme grow fresh produce organically, feed themselves and their families first and sell excess produce on a weekly basis for cash. This assists them to build livelihoods out of their small scale agricultural enterprises. Farmers will gather to celebrate their achievements over the past year at the Annual Farmers Day to be held on Friday the 13th of November, 2015. This annual event provides farmers with an opportunity to meet their peers from other areas, share ideas and enjoy the comradeship that comes from all growing for the same brand – Kumnandi. Siyavuna is momentarily struggling to collect enough money to launch this event. Farmers' Day is one of the most important days of the year for these farmers. They work together towards ensuring this day becomes a success. Help us make this day grow into reality for them!