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    Mooi doel!! Super jullie mooie verhalen te lezen van deze bijzondere reis.

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    Dames en heeeeren, Dat was een prima "Tour de Force". Bedankt voor de updates en prima om wat terug te geven aan het land.

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Cool earth &Stray Dogs India

In January we will travel from South to North India in a rickshaw. Besides have an amazing experience we would like to give back something to our hosting country.

We decided to support two charities. The first being the organisation that is supported by all Adventurists participating being Cool Earth, Saving the world one jungle at a time! And the next 50% will go to the organisation WSDIndia (Wellfare Stray Dogs). They have a very hands on approach and they don't belive in campaigning... they use every penny to help the dogs! So we will do some campaigning for them :) For decades the Municipal Corporation of Mumbai used to kill up to 50,000 stray dogs annually. The method used was electrocution. In 1994, in response to demands from many organizations, dog-killing was replaced by mass sterilisation and immunisation of stray dogs

The programm we choose to support works very effectively: Stray dogs are surgically neutered and then replaced in their own area. They are also vaccinated against rabies

The dog population becomes stable, non-breeding, non-aggressive and rabies-free, and it gradually decreases over a period of time.