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    What a wonderful dream! This should be realised...

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A roof covered wagon

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Just imagine, A warm breeze and a sunny blue sky. 35 degree C. A roof covered wagon pulled by a horse slowly moves through the beautiful landscape with pine and almond trees. 6 persons and a refrigerated box with some cool drinks and a sandwich. A picnic in the shade while the horse is drinking and has a rest. MY DREAM! A roof covered wagon for the Horses in Distress Foundation Spain.


The reality of life differs!

Spain, under the burden of the crisis, horse owners abandon their horses for they just have enough to feed their families, traders not able to sell their horses abandon them for it gives a cost relief.

A herd of 15 neglected horses. Starving. Exhausted. Struggling with the heat of the burning sun. An emaciated mare has collapsed, lies on the ground surrounded by hungry foals. Her eyes are empty, flies are buzzing. Total neglect. The mare is finished, unable to go on. With the animal’s head in her hands, Laura Hoitsema, powerless and heartbroken, sees how she closes her eyes and dies.

The Horses in Distress Foundation is born.

In just over one year the above mentioned group of 15 grew to a group of 65 rescue horses. Some just needing food and fresh hay but most needing special medical attention on top of that.

The Foundation solely has income from donations and sponsoring but is looking at organizing activities in order to increase income. Income so desperately needed for the rescue horses.

Help me realize my dream, my dream to help the foundation helping neglected horses in Spain.

Let’s help the Foundation with their investment for the roof covered wagon so they have a next activity and an increase of income.

Please mention “Wagon” when you donate.



Thank You!



More about the foundation can be found on:



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