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    Alles voor de dieren <3

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    Good luck!

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    good luck Phoenix, Tamara and Arjan

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    You guys are doing an amazing thing again! I'm so glad that this little pup found you (and vice versa). It'll be a happy ending!

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Help Phoenix to a safe haven

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UPDATE: Phoenix will be joining our family on the 3rd of April 2016. She has grown into a happy playful little dog. Thank you all for your donations and for making it possible for us to give her the live she deserves!!!

Phoenix miraculously survived a bad car accident. After a bad start in life Phoenix could use a fresh start and a safe environment to live in. Will you help us get her home?

Phoenix literally came on our path ‘by accident. As a young eight week old puppy she was run over deliberately by a mini-van on the island Nusa Lembongan in Bali. We thought Phoenix would not survive as she apathetically lay in my arm for hours. Her hind legs no longer worked properly. She needed a vet, but the owner said he did not care. He gave us permission to take her to a vet on the mainland; he no longer wanted her.  

We went to a vet on the mainland as soon as possible. Apart from severe malnutrition and anemia due to hundreds of fleas and ticks, she appeared miraculously unharmed; Hence the name Phoenix (risen from the ashes). The vet treated and vaccinated her.  

We were faced with a dilemma. What to do next? Many animals are being abused in Bali; the people who love animals often don’t know how you care of them properly. In addition, the government has launched a raid on dogs. They are currently being killed, even the ones with an owner, because Bali fears a rabies outbreak. For this reason, we want to bring Phoenix to the Netherlands. We did not go through all that trouble for her to end up badly 

After paying for all her treatments and vaccinations we put everything in motion to take her home. We then found out she has to be transported to Jakarta. Dogs are not permitted to leave Bali. This transportation costs a lot of money.  

Currently, Phoenix is ​​being cared for by a foster family until she is old enough to travel and has all the papers and vaccinations. With a little luck she will be ready to come to the Netherlands by the end of March 2016. We could use a little help on covering her transportation costs. 

Breakdown of costs: 
Transportation Bali-Jakarta (including travel documents): € 1260, - 
Transport kennel: € 70, - 
KLM flight: € 200, - 
Total: € 1530, - 
You can help Phoenix be safe by making a small contribution. 

Thank you in advance! We'll keep you posted! 
Kind regards, 
Tamara and Arjan