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Help Dobby to a safe home

Help Dobby to a safe home image
My name is Carlies and I have a message from the former street dog Dobby. She is from Costa Rica and really needs your help quickly.

Hello everyone,  


My name is Dobby, a former street dog from Puerto Jimenez in Costa Rica. The local vet thinks I am one year old and already had puppy's, but they never found them back unfortunately. I have a crippled leg because I was hit by a car or motorcycle. My foster family is Carlies and Thyrza, two students of the HZ University of Applied Sciences in Vlissingen, The Netherlands. They do their thesis internship at Green Life Volunteers in Puerto Jimenez. They rescued me due to the dog rescue plan of Green Life Volunteers.   


Most dogs in Costa Rica have to live outside, but I don't like that. I prefer to stay with my foster family inside, so they can cuddle me all the time. Carlies told me she wants to take me to her home in The Netherlands in May 2016. She is  allergic to some kind of dogs, but thank god not allergic for Dobby's. In my believe, it was meant to be we have met! I heard Carlies and Thyrza talking about taking me back to The Netherlands. However, it will cost a lot of money to allow me to travel to Europe. They already took me to the vet, I didn't understand it at first, but now I do. I got two vaccinations, one for just being a dog, and one vaccination against rabies. Also, I got alread the chip and my blood is send to the USA.   


I am concerned Carlies can't take me to The Netherlands because of the following costs:  

·         Chip ($30,-) 

·         Vaccinations ($34,-) 

·         Blood research for rabies ($150,-) 

·         Shipping cost to the laboratory in the U.S.A. ($250,-) 

·         Costs from the vet ($150)  

·         Official translation papers to Dutch ($20,-) 

·         A kennel for transport by airplane ($100,-) 

·         Transport costs of KLM ($200,-) 

·         Transport cost of Copa ($390,-)

·         Export Panama ($150,-)


Carlies was very stressed the last couple of weeks because KLM did not helped her with the arrangements with Copa. Also, KLM told her it would only cost $200 and now it seems it will be $740,-. Carlies was very concerned I could not go with her and when she heard the good news from Copa that I could come, she cried! And I cried, because I really want to go with Carlies to The Nederlands. But know she needs more help to get me to The Netherlands. 


I am very curious to experience the cold (dog) weather in The Netherlands. If you want to meet me, you can donate money at my 'Dream or donate' page. I am looking forward to meet all my new Dutch friends! I really hope you all want to help me, so Carlies can give me the home I deserve! 


I want to thank you a lot in advance!! 


A lick and sweaty paw from Dobby.