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Groenhart real Glory champ

Groenhart real Glory champ image
Murthel Groenhart the real Glory welterweight Champion @ Glory 26 in the Amsterdam RAI.
In a controversial and odd split decision  Mike’s Gym fighter Murthel Groenhart didn’t walk away with the welterweight champion’s belt after the title fight against Nieky Holzken at Glory 26 in the Amsterdam RAI.


Controversial and odd, since the strike stats clearly showed Groenhart threw and landed more shots. Holzken didn’t really seem to have an answer for Murthel’s attack and only seemed to pick up the pace in the last round.  


We, the Groenhart fans, had waited 5 years for an event such as Glory to come to Amsterdam, as kickboxing events had been banned from the city up to December 2015. It was the opportunity to show how it’s done, with hard work, professionalism and sportsmanship.  Kickboxing haters would have loved to see the event fail.


As the main event and with a huge Amsterdam fan base, Murthel drew a big crowd, put on a great show and gave the audience and especially the Glory organization their money’s worth.  The stats however made it all look like a farce. To quote Joseph Valtellini’s reaction on Twitter: “How is anyone gonna take this sport seriously with this consistent embarrassing reffing and judgingIt’s disgusting’


Just as all professional fighters, Murthel has worked his ass off behind the scenes in the time leading up to this fight, with the physical and mental rollercoaster that comes along with the ride.  Not only sacrifices like this, but taking your controversial loss with pride and dignity as he does - inspiring others to have decisions like this motivate you to keep going,  and only train harder  - makes him a true champion.


We don’t need referees and judges to tell us who the real Glory Welterweight 
champ is. Agree the belt belongs to Murthel Groenhart? Let’s get him our own belt to show him our love, support and appreciation! You can make a donation on the top left corner of this page.


Any amount over our donation goal will be donated to the Only Friends foundation, a sports club for children with mental and physical disabilities.

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