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Playground for Life

Tamama Cangalovic grew up in Vitez, a city in Central Bosnia- Herzegovina. A city in which children are separated by religion and nationality. As a child Tamama didn’t understood why some children are different and why they needed to enter her school through another door, why her town has an invisible border and why some children are afraid to go and play “on the other side”. Today Tamama is a student in Sarajevo and decided her city needs a change, a place where children can share dreams, needs and feel safe to express theirself. She wants to create this place and therefore she needs YOUR help!

The problem

Vitez was hit hard by the Balkan Wars (1991-1995). Today the traces are still visible. The ethnical separation created by the war caused two schools under one roof policy.

It can be said that the education in Bosnia and Herzegovina creates a continuity of social and political divisions. Instead of aiming for the goal of teaching these generations about the rule of law and respect for human rights, it rather turns them into victims of the highly divided system with little incentive for interaction and development of a unified society of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

All this is creating a system that is not giving any possibilities to raise a new generation of people who can build mutual trust and understanding.


The solution

The solution is to create safety in which children can meet each other and undertake activities. This will be done by creating a physically safe place in the middle of the city, the mental safety will be created through workshops about Human Right.

The idea is to teach 45 children from the primary school in Vitez about Human Rights and together with them build a playground for all.

These workshops will be the first contact between children from different nationalities. Through various “getting to know each other” and teambuilding activities we will try to create trust and friendship between the children.

One of the results of the workshops will be a ‘declaration of children’s rights’ that will be placed permanently in the playground for all children to remember. 

After the workshop the children will find a new safe place in the playground (build as a part of the projects) to continue their new established friendships. It will be a place their build all together, a place where everyone is equal and has the same human rights.

They may pass on what they learned in the workshops to other schoolchildren and their teachers.

We can’t change the law, but we can give them the knowledge and the tools to make their country a better place, accept each other and make them realize that only united they can make a better future and a better world.


Take action

Help us build a playground for the children in Vitez.

After talking with the municipality of Vitez we got a YES! for our project and for building the playground at the place we wanted. Now we need help with financing the playground. We need in total 25.000 euros. With the first 10.000 we can start building a safe place for the children in Vitez. 

You can help us by giving a small amount of money and activating your friends and family to do the same. 

All donations are welcome, if you have an idea and want to start your own action or collect money in your community you can use this page as well to donate. For any questions contact us on playgroundforlife@gmail.com



We are super proud on all people that contribute to our project. To reward those hero’s, we will create a wall of fame on the playground. Do you want your name on this wall, let us know and send us an email at playgroundforlife@gmail.com


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