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Schools in connection

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My name is Izudin Karić. I live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Last couple of months, with the help of my friend Emma de Leeuw, who lives in Netherlands, I have been working on a project "Schools in connection". My dream is to help children from the remote villages to have better education through this project. My idea is to support them, to have chance for better education, and help them get same opportunities as other children.


Srednje is a small town in the mountains of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Its home the only primary school which provides education to children from the town and the surrounding mountains.  The students often come from families that deal with poverty on daily base. They lack of perspective and chances for a better future.

The primary school want to provide the children with education that can help them escape poverty and give them new perspective.

Sadly, caused by a poor financial situation they are not able to provide their students a full curriculum. Missing materials in classes like biology or chemistry and a lack of sufficient heating are causing troubles on daily base for the school and its students.


Within the project Schools in connection a several solutions have been found:

1.   Creating a partnership between Dutch schools and the school in Srednje to improve the education.

2.    Providing the schools with the needed materials

3.  Providing the students extra workshop to fight poverty with themes such as: communication, entrepreneurship and health

4.   Creating a space in which students can receive extra education when the school is not working.

Take action

       We need YOU!

       Donate, activate your school and create a better  future  for the children of Srednje!

      Thank you.

More information:

This project is a part of 2PLAY UNITED and ONE WORLDcitizens.