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A travel to my future!

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Hello everyone, My name is Simone and I'm 21 years old. I live in the Netherlands, but my dream won't keep my there. I believe that God has a big plan for me. It's a long story, about a book, dreams and prophecies, but where it comes to, is that I need money to make my dream come true.

It seems like yesterday, but it's almost 5 years ago that someone at the church came to me and told me that I had a fire in my heart. I didn't understand it back then. I wasn't even able to understand myself. I didn't go to a school, because everything went wrong and turned into a deep depression. But two years ago I read a book, about missionaries who went to Brasil. I became so motived, touched and happy.. I didn't understand it. I wanted to do this as well! But hey, going to Brasil because I read a book about it? That's stupid, right? Well, I thought that before. From that moment Brasil came more active in my life. I first kept doubting about it. It was just a coincidence, nothing more. But it kept going! I met people who went there, I met even people who could put me in contact with children houses there. I started to have dreams about it. In one of my dreams I saw a big house, a building, light brown with trees and nature around it. It was a quiet place. I went inside. Someone said to me: "This is your house, you got it very cheap." I watched a group of young people before me. One teenage girl was pregnant, one had a child. I also saw some boys. They were drug addicted before, but now they were all happy in my house with each other. After that I woke up. I was confused. I dreamt this two years ago and I remember it like it was the dream from last night. A few weeks ago another person came to me with a prophecie. He told me the same thing that that one girl told me five years ago; I have a fire in my heart. It means that I'd like to work for God, to take the young and unknowing people home, because they are so loved! 

I need to get things more clear, but I truly believe that God wants to have me there. It lives in me, I think about this everyday. And when people ask me things about this, they say my eyes start twinkling. That's my pure passion! 

But I can't get there on my own. It's not like I'm a millionare. (I don't expect that from you neither ofcourse! I already like it that you've read until this far.) I also know that there are some steps inbetween. That's why I'm asking for this big amount of money. Six different people who don't know it from each other told me to do a DTS on Heidebeek, Youth With A Mission. That's one obviously step. It costs €5.000 euro's. You're doing a DTS for 6 months; 3 months in the Netherlands (learning about God, the bible, the streets and culture and leadership) and 3 months to a country in need, hopefully Brasil for me. There is the practical experience. Another step is having experience in a childrens home, where I'm already invited to. I count €2000 for that one, I hope it's enough. It's for the plain ticket, food and shelter and maybe even material. Then the next step; going to Brasil to a project, to see how it really is around there. Mostly you can go with a project, which costs €3000 euro's in general. It's money for a plain ticket, food, shelter, transportations, material, a VISA, a pasport, injections for viruses and even more.

I really hope that you guys can and want to help me to make this dream into reality. It's quite scary to ask for money, but I promise it's for a good purpose and I won't misuse it. If you'd like to stay in contact about the progress, you can search me on facebook or something. :) I am by the way learning the language a little bit already, so I'm very motivated to immigrate for living and working to Brasil!

With kind regards and lots of hope and love,

Simone Uilenberg