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Conscious Discipline Curacao

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I want to attend a training course in the U.S. to expand my coaching skills.

Have you heard of Conscious Discipline? I am really, really enthusiastic about it. It is all about consciously building discipline within children rather than applying discipline to them. Based on love and connection, instead of fear. Let me explain my enthusiasm!

My name is Surya Bron. I am the owner of and coach at 'Free mind, happy life!' in Curacao. I started this practice in March last year. My vision: everybody wants to live a happy life. If you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, you can consciously influence them. Thus, you can influence your happiness as you influence your state of mind.

I am a mother of two young children. In my personal life, as well as in my practice and at the school which my children attend, I experience that raising and teaching children is not something you 'just do'. Raising children means constantly searching for the right thing to do. Sometimes (often!) parenting and teaching results in a battle. With your children/pupils, and often with yourself. There is way too much warning, shouting and punishment. This is trying to apply discipline to children, based on fear.

Here Conscious Discipline comes in. A science based social emotional programme to learn adults discipline skills based on love and connection. From there on, the adult learns how to build discipline within the child.

If you are aware of your own behavior and patterns in daily life and conflicts you can consciously influence them. Thus, parenting can become something you consciously do, being aware of the choices you make, based on love and connection.

I want to bring Conscious Discipline to Curaçao and give workshops to parents and teachers. Therefore, I need to be certified. The programme consists of different 'degrees' and I am planning for the first one: CD1.

The next course (7 days) will be given this summer in Florida.

With your donation you help me finance the costs for the training itself as well as travel and accommodation expenses.

Every donation will be much appreciated! Many thanks in advance.

(Oh, and it so happens that today (the 8th of January) is my 40th birthday. You may consider your donation the best birthday gift!)

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