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Rave Express at Carnaval 201

Rave Express at Carnaval 201 image
Ghost Express at Carnaval 2016 Maastricht, NL

Dear Ravers,

Since Carnaval isn't far away anymore, our crew started to dust off our little train. In order to keep the tradition of the 'Rave Express' alive in 2016, we need funds to acquire sound equipment and a power generator for Carnaval. Since this isn't an ordinary party where tickets can be bought, we wanted to introduce a new system collect the needed funds. We know Carnaval is a tradition we all want to celebrate together.

In order to provide you with some good house, techno and tech-house, we need to cover the following expenses:
- €450,- for a special 8kVA power generator that fits in our cart
- €300,- to cover the total of €700,- of the l'Acoustics sound system

Together we can make this carnaval even better then last year! Thank you in advance for your kindness, and don't forget your spooky outfit on 7/8/9 February!

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Help chantal thuiskomen!

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