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Brace for Kerri

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Please help my friends, who dedicated their lives to saving horses and have helped so many others, now that they need help.. Any donation to help pay for their daughter's treatment to fight cancer would be so helpful!

What goes around comes around. That is what I had faith in.. Until disaster struck for my dearest friends and their family. Friends who did amazingly good things, only for the benefit of others not themselves. Friends who deserved only the best would come around, instead they are facing a nightmare.

Dawn and Jeff built their Spanish dream and started a Natural Horsemanship centre in Andalucía, where they offered a home to mistreated and neglected horses. Some in such a bad shape, no one would give them a chance to survive. But with much love, care and patience, they gave them faith and a new life.  Not only horses, but every other animal they could save was welcome! Also they helped a tremendous number of people (like me), by welcoming them into their home as family and teaching them all about building a true connection with horses. Never have I met such hard working people, who literally built everything they own with their own two hands. People who wanted to make difference, and never made a penny out of this!

This is exactly why they now deserve all the help the can get! The day before Christmas their daughter Kerri, who lives in the UK, was diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. A form of which they only see 1 case a year and usually with much older people. Kerri is just 33 and has two little babies. The doctors told her surgery and radiation are not an option. Only 2 forms of chemotherapy at the same time, which would make her very sick, can possibly extend her life. As you can imagine they are trying alternative therapies, which are very expensive. Dawn and Jeff had to leave everything behind, in order to fight for Kerri’s life. They had to let go of their horses, in which they invested all their money and love for years, leave their house, their Spanish dream.. from which so many were benefitting! Now they are facing medical bills and worse..

It breaks my heart. The only thing I can do is ask for your help.. Support Kerri!
If you can spare something, anything … it would be so helpful. Any kind donation is welcome and will make a difference for them! You can leave your address via: and I make sure something good comes around in return.

Thank you so much!

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