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Bed & Breakfast New Zealand

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For a number of years now we are dreaming of owning our own Bed & Breakfast somewhere in the world. Last year we were in New Zealand and had the pleasure of staying at some lovely B&B's. The one that stood out the most was "The Bed of Roses" in the Bay of Islands. This stay confirmed to us that we realy wanted to go ahead with our dream and make it reality.

We are planning to have the B&B up and running in five to eight years, this gives us the time to arrange the required documentation and also to rais enough money to continue the journey.

I hope that some of you are willing to help us to complete our dream and maybe will be customers as well.

What is in it for you? Everybody who will participate will be updated via this website reguarly via a blog that will be posted. Your name as a sponsors will on the wall inside the B&B, the size of course will be proratio of the donation. A picture of the company, or person which donates over a 100 euro will be in a diary which will be placed in every room.

Everybody who makes a donation, has a chance to get a free stay for a night or a weekend.

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Every child a X-mas present

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