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SUPPORT Africa Yoga Project!


Check my personal Fundraising Video above!

Who am I?

Hi, my name is Sanne and I am 30 years old. I live in the Netherlands but my roots are in Africa. I was born in Zambia where my parents worked for many years as physicians in a hospital. Africa always kept a special place in my heart and with great pride I recently climbed Mount Kilimanjaro. Another great passion for me is yoga. I prefer to do power yoga, with many acrobatic challenges. This reminds me of my childhood when I did gymnastics quite fanatically.

Power to the people by yoga!

Through these two passions I came in contact with ' Africa Yoga Project '. The first time I saw the video 'Practice change', I had tears in my eyes. This is exactly how I see yoga too! Yoga is more than just the stretching your body, it also contributes to stretching your mind. Yoga can empower people both physically and mentally. It allows you to reflect on your life now, but it also shows you that you can grow by practicing. My dream is to stay in Africa for a while and to spread this positive energy by teaching yoga.

Yoga to make this place a better world

Africa Yoga Project gives disadvantaged youth from the slums in Kenya free yoga classes. No matter what race, nationality, age, gender or economic status you have, everyone is standing here side by side, together on the mat. This creates connection and peace between different groups and reduces violence and crime. There are even lessons given in prisons, deaf centers and orphanages! 

Where is the money used for?

As an ambassador for this project I'm going to Kenya to follow a teacher training. In addition, I would like to raise €3.600. With this money 40 young people from Kenya will get the opportunity to do the Teachertraining too. These are young people from slums, which currently often survive by begging or stealing. With this program they get the chance to develop themselves and to earn their own money with an internationally recognized yoga-degree. So they can spread the positive yogavibes further by teaching their community!

Donate, Share & Care!

Do you also think that everyone, no matter where you come from, should be able to experience what you feel when you stand on your mat weekly? How you become stronger with every breath and posture you do? Experiencing that you are able to change your own life and health? Please support my fundraising campaign and I will keep you informed of how your money is spent. Afterwards I will make a photo report that you can share on your website, to show that you support the yoga philosophy worldwide!

Thank you!

On behalf of Africa Yoga Project and the young people who also can roll out their mat: Asante Sana! (Thank you so much in Swahili)