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  • € 100 Door: Roffaswing

    Dank voor de inzet en toewijding!

    7 maanden geleden
  • € 80 Door: Rachel en Bouke

    Top initiatief, en ik kan niet wachten om te komen dansen!

    8 maanden geleden
  • € 75 Door: Julie

    8 maanden geleden
  • € 30 Door: Anoniem

    Dank jullie wel voor het initiatief!

    8 maanden geleden

Frankie’s needs a dancefloor

Frankie’s needs a dancefloor image
Imagine a great smooth floor, a cosy environment for all swing dancers, great sound system and a place where you can leave your danceshoes. No carrying around anymore. Sounds like home, doesn’t it?! That is why we are looking for you! Help us realize our dream and create a home for you. We can’t do it by ourselves, so it would be amazing if you can support us to make this place a true home for swing and jazz dancers.

Frankie's is an initiative of Dutch swing dancers Crystel, Richard, Marielle, Michel and Monique. Lindyhop, Balboa, Boogie Woogie, Charleston, Blues, they love it all, and they can’t wait to share their love with you! Yes, you!

What contribution can we be to you and you be to us? Every euro you can contribute counts. Don’t be a stranger, come by at our new place and become Frankies friend!

  • till 10 euro:  a swingy postcard with illustrations by Michelle Schrier

  • 11 - 20 euro's: a postcard and Frankie's friends pin

  • 21 - 40: Frankies shoe bag + a pin or postcard

  • 41 - 60 euro : frankies pin + shoe bag + your picture in favourite swinging pose on Frankie's friends wall

  • 61 - 100 euro: Private 1 hour class in your dance with your favourite teacher + Frankies pin or a postcard + picture on Frankie's friends wall

  • 100-200 euro: pin + pic on the wall + shoebag + Frankie's fab floor for 4 hours for you and your friends to do whatever dance you like

  • > 200 euro's: pin + pic on the wall + shoebag + one free 8 course for the dance of your choice