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Finish the house for my kids

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On September 9th 2015 my wife and I bought a house which was in need of some heavy renovation. That didn't bother us, we had the time and the energy to turn this old house into a dreamhouse where we and our kids could grow old. However bad luck struck us and on Octobre 26th 2015 I was struck by a seizure, a seizure of which we would later find out was caused by a brain tumor of the most deadliest kind.

We thought we had everything we needed in live. We have 2 daughters, 3 & 8 yrs old, and we got married in Octobre 2014. We lived in a somewhat smaller house and with the thought of having another baby and with a good job we believed it to be a good idea to buy this house. Yes it would take us a lot of work and quite some sacrifice from our family since we would need to live in a trailer for over a year, but we had the time and the energy to turn this into our dreamhouse. 

So we prepared the renovation plans and bought the house on September 9th 2015. The same day we moved into the trailer and the evening after we started working in the house. For 7 weeks we were able to start working in the house, however with such a big project the effort of 7 weeks of work was barely visible. 

Then something totally unexpected happened, I had a seizure during working in the house on October 26th 2015. I fell down on the concrete and had spasms for a few minutes and stayed unconscious untill half an hour after. In the fell I also dislocated my left shoulder and a small piece of the upper bone broke off. I was brought to the hospital by ambulance where they located my shoulder and send me home again.

In the weeks after they took a MRI scan and an EEG to find the cause of the seizure, and on November 13th 2015 the neurologist told me they found the cause of my seizure, a brain tumor in the right temporal / parietal side of the brain. Only 5 days after I already had contact with the neurosurgeon and he told me that surgery would be the next step here.

On December 4th 2015 the tumor was removed from my brain, at that time I didn't know if this tumor was benign or malignant. However 2 weeks later we got the results from the analysis and heard it was the most malignant of all, a stage IV Glioblastome Multiforme (GBM).

The  standard treatment on a GBM is easy:

  1. Remove as much as possible of the tumor with surgery
  2. Radiation in 30 sessions of 2 - 3 cm's around the tumor removal area
  3. 6 mo chemotherapy with Temodal

After that it's just waiting, in 98% of the cases the tumor grows back and mostly that's in 1 - 2 yrs. After that