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Hallo Dear Helper ! My name is Tatiana, i am 30 years old. I am from Brazil originally, but i live in the netherlands for now 13 years, almost half of my life, I have been broght up to Holland by ex-partner when i was 17 years old, and since then, i had never had a chance or conditions to go back to my family in brazil. also my ex partner didnt alowed me to go back , since he only wanted me to pose naked for so called"Photographers ". besides of all, i survived all the drama and sadness of not having a family or nobody around, i am a very lonely person due to the fact that i feel like i have lost all of my energy and faith on trying to forgett the unforgetable, im a broken women and very sad that i face every day life alone with my 2 precius kids from 10years and a baby from 10 months, they never met theyr family in brazil , i need help PLEASE to be able at least one more time to see my Mother , and take my children to see her and the rest of the family,please help me, i have no job, i get help from the governament , wicht doenst allow me to do much,but i try every day to get trought because i know , i have to live for my children, because they are all i have here and i am all they ever have enywhere, I will pray to God that someone will look at this post and help me, urgently , i will be for ever thankfull and great for that or those who will please help me,God bless you all. Tatiana Ramos

Good day everyone!!!
Please share this post ,
I am praying that soon i will get to see my family again.
today is another blesses day ,
positive thinking , far to go but close to get

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