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Holiday in a wheelchair

Holiday! Unfortunately, for someone in a wheelchair not always easy and obvious. With our project Roul' en Breizh we want to try and start changing this. You can read more about the project on https://roulenbreizh.wordpress.com/english-version/. Are you going to help us to get on the way? You will help a growing group of wheelchairusers ánd their carers have a chance to enjoy a holiday.

From our own experience we know it takes a lot of time and energy to prepare for a nice holiday with a wheelchairuser. Especially if you want to go on holiday in summer. Sometimes you have to book a year in advance. And even then it sometimes goes wrong.

The frustrations of the first years we were going on holiday after my husband became wheelchairbound grew into our big dream: to run our own accessible holiday accomodation. Without concessions to guests who don't need the adaptations. Not that they are not welcome, but wheelchairusers come first. If possible we would like to be able to offer extra facilities that will make it a proper holiday for wheelchairusers (and their carers). 

To enable us to realize this dream we have cut it into smaller fragments. The first step is the first cottage or appartment. With the proceeds we can continue building our dream. With your help we will be able to make this first step. All donations, big or small, are very welcome. All donors will get an invitation to a private blog about the progress of the project. We hope we can tell you a lot more soon!

Eliane and John Heseltine