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Volunteering in Peru

Volunteering in Peru image
Support me in my volunteering project in Peru!

The Otra Cosa network does great work in creating a stable environment for the children in Cerrito de la Virgen, Peru.

I'm going to help them by volunteering for 5 weeks, from March 4th until April 16th, 2017.

I will help the children with their homework and teach them in a playful way how they should behave.

With your donation I will give the children one of the great products of Correctbook ( so they have sustainable writing material and can go to school. Correctbook helps children in Africa with a percentage of every purchase in their webshop! This way, I'm not only able to do something for the children in Peru, but I can support the project in Africa from a distance as well!

you can follow me on instagram and by reading my blog:

Thank you!