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    Go Grasper! Geniet ervan, ik hoef niets 'terug' behalve een ding, dat als je later in dezelfde positie bent als ik dat je een ander helpt.

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    Hoi Lynn, jij verdient het om jezelf te laten stralen en al het moois dat nu nog verborgen ligt te ontdekken. Go for it!

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    Omdat ik aan den lijve heb mogen ervaren hoe mooi dit programma is. Het doet me deugd te kunnen bijdragen aan jouw droom. X

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Life-changing experience!

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If you really knew me... you would know that the life I had this far wasn't that easy. I had to deal with many situations in which I had no clue what to do, feeling pain and anger, and surviving just seemed the best option. But with surviving, I forgot to listen to my feelings, my talents, my powers, which resulted in not knowing who I really am today.

So this year I decided that I was in for a change. I want to know who I am, and what I am here for. Not knowing where to find this change, I looked on the internet and with the TV-shows ‘Over de streep’ and ‘Als je me echt zou kennen’ in my mind, I stumbled upon BTC Nederland, which offers the workshop ‘Be The Change’.

Last weekend I followed that workshop and it was a clear eye-opener for me. I learned to open up, share my feelings and let al the pain and anger out. Now I feel much better, but then again the following questions came to my mind: who am I? What do I really want? How can I deal with new sources of pain and anger? It was clear to me that  I was not finished learning yet.

Therefore, I decided that I want to participate in a more intensive programme set up by the same people that organised the workshop ‘Be The Change’. In a one-week experience full of healing past wounds, unlocking self-limiting beliefs and identifying my unique talents, followed by four months of project time and a final project presentation workshop, I would like to find myself again and finding the answer to the final question: who am I? To me it seems the opportunity of a lifetime, changing my life forever.

Unfortunately, this programme is not very cheap. And that’s where you can come in. I would like to ask you all to help me by donating for this life-changing experience. Besides, I am up for any kind of small job you may have for me.

Please help me to realize my dream: a life-changing experience! Many thanks in advance, it would really mean a lot to me!

(Got interested yourself? Check the site: for more information on the ‘Be The Change’ workshop. I would recommend it to anyone. If you actually going to do the workshop yourself, please note ‘Lynn’ in the last, empty box (for extra notes). With that, you are supporting me as well, giving me a small discount.)

Update: I would like to thank everyone that has already donated! It means a lot to me!

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