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Support Benita Tarupiwa

Financial support urgently needed to get Benita the treatment she needs and allow her to recover!


Mbira player Benita Tarupiwa has been struggling with her health this year. She was diagnosed with TB several months ago, but after a partial recovery she is now once again seriously ill! She has been diagnosed with Meningitis and has just entered a private hospital.

Good health care in Zimbabwe is very expensive unfortunately - $1450 were needed just in order to get admitted to the hospital. And the costs for her treatment will undoubtedly rise. 

We are determined to get Benita the health care she needs in order to recover so want to call once again on your solidarity.

If you have any questions or other ideas on how to help, please get in touch with me via Facebook!

THANK YOU in advance!


Please note: it is also possible to donate via PayPal through dkorfmacher (at)

If you wish to donate by cheque or bank transfer, please get in touch!

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