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Help Creating Our Music Vid

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Hello everyone! My name is Sorcha Cummins and I also speak on behalf of Daisy Keehnen, Nina Mispelblom Beyer, Nina van den Berg, and Timo van Blooijs. We are currently 2nd year students, studying Image and Media Technology at the University of the Arts in Utrecht, Netherlands. We have been developing concepts for a music video a few weeks ago. Now, the time has come to realise the concepts into a music video. The song which we will create the music video for is called "Beautiful City" by Dutch singer-songwriter Lilian Hak. Lilian Hak is, as I mentioned above, a Dutch singer-songwriter. She has released two albums (Old Powder, New Guns, Lust Guns & Dust) and her upcoming third album will be coming out in June (including Beautiful City).

The clip is about a doll living behind a display window at a clothing store. The doll is alive and wants nothing more than to break free, break out of her comfort zone, expanding her boundaries – hoping to find a more exciting life. The life in this beautiful city... 
The main themes in the music video are; breaking free, immigration, growing up, finding yourself, longing for something, acceptation and discrimination. 

We would love to make this possible, not only for the artist but also for ourselves. It's a great addition to our portfolio's. Of course, it doesn't happen naturally and therefore we hope to raise money to make our ideas possible. 

We have a small budget from school (€250,-) but it's not enough to make our dreams come true. Our goal is to gain as much money as we can get - every bit is helpful and very much appreciated!!! As a thank you – we'll mention your name and/or company in the credits and we'll send you a small surprise as a token of our appreciation.

Thanks in advance. 

Best wishes,
Daisy, Timo, Sorcha, Nina

P.S. Once the music video is finished we'll update this page with the link!