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Guitars and dreams..

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Dear all, my guitar was destroyed the night I hosted an open mic. I need a new one to play shows in the States soon, also, I miss my baby- but he has been declared total loss. I booked a flight but really can't afford a new six stringer. Please help me save my touring dream!

Which musician would not want to tour the USA? I'm going to.

or I should anyways. Some guy (I know who he is becsuse this happened, but we weren't acquinted before) pushed another guy, who fell on top of my guitar and broke it to the point where repair is more expensive than the instrument itself. The guy refuses to pay for it and police and legals both claim their hands are tied. So, this crowd funding is my only option.

this guitar was given to me by my friends and family for my 21st birthday. I recorded with it, traveled with it, and it holds more emotional value than my currently broken musician-heart.

I can't offer much of a perk for donating, but you can help me save my dream. I promise any show I play or work will always be for free for anyone who donates. Please consider how you'd feel if your best wooden friend died. Please, please help.

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