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Sickest Party in Maastricht!

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Lets create the sickest party Maastricht has seen!

If all of the party people in Maastricht would each donate the small amount 5 euro, we, the MDMA-zing crew, could create the sickest party in a longrun. We'll searching for the best venue/location to create said monster, and make sure that all the people who donated 5 euros or more will automatically be on the guestlist. People who donate 10 euros or more will get VIP status and access to sponsored Jägermeister drinks! If you don't donate at all, you'll still be able to buy a ticket for 10 euro at the entrance, but why not pay 5 now instead of 10 later! It'll be a Techno/Drum&Bass party! The reason why we need such a big amount of money is because at our latest MDMA-zing houseparty, some cunt(s) stole 3000 euro worth of equipment. MDMA-zings logic: Lets throw another even bigger party to earn it back!!

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Reclamespot Basisinkomen

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