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Roof preschool Nicaragua

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In the little village of Poneloya in Nicaragua, there is a preschool. 46 children in the age of 3-6 go to their first school experience here. Parents pay a little fee, what they can pay. But the school looks like a ruin. The roof is leaking, toilets are broken, no running water etc. etc etc.

** update 22-5-2016, I have changed the ammount of money needed due to some awesome people in Nicaragua who donated directly to us in cash, WE ARE ALMOST THERE!)**

A small Dutch NGO started to help the preschool, which doesnt get support from no other organization. But this is a very big project and urgent because winter is about to start!

We have bought some whiteboards, and donated schoolmaterial. We financed the instalation of running water. But now our biggest project. The Roof.

The roof is leaking. Not a little bit. It is so old, there are several places in the roof with holes as big es 10 cm. Rain water is coming in with liters, not even drops.
Rain season is starting now, We are very urgent looking for help. We have a big reparation. People in town join hands in repairing, but we still have to pay for the material which is 1200 dolar in total.

We still only need about 400 dollar, this must work right? The faster we have it together the faster we can start building this roof. so the children and the material stay dry from now on.

Please help us!

Updates can be seen on our facebook page: