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The journey to womanhood <3

The journey to womanhood <3 image
I am a Dutch geeky, girly and creative transwoman (some also call me a powerwoman) that likes to change the world step by step in various ways! I am on a journey to womanhood myself, this takes a lot of time and money. And this is where I need your help to help me with the costs for BAS (breasts), VFS (voice), FFS (face) and other (little) things. Because who gives, who gets right?

My mission?

Via Daniellesteenbrink.nl you can follow my transition, I am really open about my transition. I make videos, livestreams, Prezi presentations (and do public speakings with them) and also do photoshoots to create more awareness. I want to create the information layer that isn’t there, so that whenever you are cis or trans you directly get info from the source and can learn from it (and get well informed people). I want to cheer you up, let you see the positive bright side that everything is going to be alright. But my transition takes a lot of money, it's my dream to become the woman I always dreamed of, and for that I would like your help <3

Let me help me shine! And let me help the transgender world step by step. Life is a party and you are invited!

The transition: where does the money go to?

600 for VFS (voice surgery, in combination with voice training)

1900 for various things (e.g. lasering, ID card, body training)

3000 for BAS (breast argumentation = C cup)

and 10.000 for FFS via Facialteam.com (e.g. forehead, nose, adam's apple - customized plan)

Note: Dreamordonate takes 5% per donation + the Dutch tax authority (Belastingdienst) takes 25% of the end goal meaning the donation goal needs to be 19.000 in total to get 15.550 in total (thank you Dutch goverment!)

Hormones, lasering and SRS are paid by my insurance company. A lot of other things are done by the amazing Aprils-Touch.com (I am really happy with them, they really offer everything from A to Z for transwoman) BUT things like BAS, FFS, VFS and body lasering aren't (fully) covered by the insurance company so there is where I need your help.

So yes, insurance companies help you for 50% but still NOT enough and that's a big shame that really needs to change.

Rewards: what do you get back for donating?

I want to make/do something special for everyone that donates, please leave a message and let me make/do something wonderfull for you! Because who gives, who gets I got a lot to offer you back)

Think of great rewards like: a special date (let's game together!) with me, a shoutout in a livestream, creative consultancy (cool, huh? Maybe you have a great idea yourself)

I am an entrepreneur, so everything is possible!

Your (company) name in my weekly posts? It's possible when you donate 75 euro


Via TheLifeShow, meetings, public speaking, livestreams and other projects I support the transgender community. Want to meet me before donating, that's possible! I am very flexible, that's the extra you get with me.

Got any questions?

Please ask them below <3


This project will be active for the coming 2-3 year (let become a beautiful lady!) after 1 year I want to work together with artists, they will make paintings, I put them on Ebay and there you can buy these paintings (where the revenue directly goes to my transition). I also want to hold a 30 hour (yearly) livestream where I do various tasks (where everything is possible) for donations <3

I will promote this project on my social media channels, videos, livestreams, on location and in other ways to get the most exposure

Donators list:

  • Dewi Siri
  • Stephanie
  • Selcan
  • Luc
  • Jo Luijten
  • Kimberley Eimers
  • Marlies
  • Anon
  • Anon
  • You! (You promised it <3)
Recording new single

Recording new single "Alone"

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