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Temple of Self, Nowhere 2016

Our goal is to gift a temple to the Nowhere community for the Nowhere 2016 festival.

Temple of Self
We are a group of Nowherians who are deeply connected with both the presence and purpose of a temple at Nowhere. A place to distance yourself from the external world. To create a moment and invite yourself to be. To be with yourself.

Some of our own most intense spiritual moments have taken place in temples at Nowhere and other burns around the world. This is what we want to facilitate for our community this year at Nowhere by building the Temple of Self.

The building materials and logistics required to create the Temple of Self come at a cost. We hope our design and philosophy resonate with you as much as it does with us! And we kindly invite you to contribute and help gift this temple in its ideal form, to facilitate beautiful moments at Nowhere as the temple has done for the last couple of years.


"The self is the subject of one's own experience of phenomena: perception, emotions, thoughts."

The external world inspires us in the many forms it has. We get intrigued by the other, or even blown away. Sometimes these experiences take us over, and we can lose ourselves. To remain sensitive to the beautiful wonders that life has to offer, we need to stay connected to our internal world.

To do so, it helps to distance yourself and create a moment to look inside. To feel your own feelings, to listen to your own thoughts. To take a step back. The Temple of Self provides a space for that inward journey.

The Temple is an invitation to allow your self to be.
To see yourself, to feel yourself, to be yourself.
To meet your higher self.


The Temple of Self structure is the result of a creative journey in which the different forms of the “self” have been the starting point. The temple has an overall design that aims to enable both the communal and the private experience facilitating the transformative aspect of being Nowhere.

The base of the temple is a honeycomb shape that connects the temple to the earth. From this base a star shape is erected that points to the skies. Part of this star shape is coated with burlap to create shade. The burlap will soften the structure by making it ‘breath’ with the wind. As dust accretes on the burlap during the week, our temple will more and more blend in with its surroundings.

Following the star shape further upwards a stained glass dome crowns the temple. Its many colours celebrate the many facets of the self and the completeness that exists in us when these come together.

This temple structure consists out of two floors enveloping a Tree of Life in her heart. Around the trunk of the Tree of Life, in the lower area, the temple provides a communal space. Following the spiral staircase up the Tree of Life, you will enter into a nest which offers a quiet, more private, space with an amazing view over the Monegros.

The temple’s two entrances are situated on the the east and west side, allowing the sunlight to reach the Tree of Life all day long as the sun travels through the sky. During the nighttime the Tree of Life will light herself within the temple serving as a beacon. Both emphasize the function of the temple as a place of retreat and sanctuary at any time of day.

Temple Guardians
Human extensions of the structure, and facilitators of the processes that happen inside it. Temple Guardians hold the space of the temple, maintain an environment that allows equal access for everyone to have the experience and expression they need, and keep the temple itself, as well as the participants who visit it, safe. We welcome anyone that feels their calling, to help out and become a guardian during the event:

Communal activities
During Nowhere, the temple is open for communal activities, such as weddings, vow renewals, and memorials. Apart from that, there is the possibility of hosting workshops there that align with the temple and her function. The temple will be ritualistically opened and closed at the beginning and end of Nowhere.

If you already have ideas about something you wish to organize in the temple, please reach out to us:

What we need
For construction of the temple, the following items are part of our budget:

Structural wood


Floor wood


Metal works / mounting materials


Stained glass dome














Fundraising costs/fees


Total budget: 5400,-

The Nowhere Art Team has already granted the Temple of Self generous support of € 2500,- We ask your generous help as well, in raising our total budget and getting the temple out to Nowhere in its ideal form.

If we don't raise our budget, the temple will be scaled down in size and refinement. In the case we raise more than our crowdfunding effort, the surplus money will go to further enhance the temple, up to a point where we will gift the additional funds to the Nowhere organization, to help fund other artworks or future temples.

In any case, there will be a Temple of Self at Nowhere this year!

What you get
We are grateful and blessed with each and every donation, big or small. Your biggest perk will be the knowledge that you have helped to realize profound and meaningful experiences at this year's temple.

Optionally and depending on your contribution, you can select one of the following perks:

  • For a € 5 donation, you are added to a "list" of contributors, that will be ceremonially blessed during the opening ceremony of the temple.

  • For a € 10 donation, you are added to the list, and you will receive a special Temple of Self pendant.

  • For a € 25 donation, you are added to the list, receive a pendant, and get a special Temple of Self t-shirt.

  • For a € 100 donation, you are added to the list, receive a pendant, get a t-shirt, and become the owner of a slate of the Tree of Life casted in resin.

  • For a € 200 donation, you are added to the list, receive a pendant, get a t-shirt, own a slate of the Tree of Life, and will receive one of the stained glass panels used for the crown of the temple at the closing ceremony.

Unfortunately this site doesn't allow us to create perks for you to pick. To receive a perk please fill in this form after you've donated:

Team and planning
The team consists of 15 committed souls that will help construct the temple. In June the wooden beam structure of the temple will be created in a workshop in Amsterdam. There we have professional woodworks and metal-works tools at our disposal. In the team we have three experiencedbuilders that will lead the temple build and an architect who helps in making sure that the structure is safe. The Tree of Life with her spiral staircase, will be developed in Sariñena in a workshop. At the end of June the skeleton will be shipped to Sariñena where we will work on the details and floor of the temple during a short pre-build off-site. Then around the 30th of June or 1st of July we will hit site and erect the temple there. Making sure the temple is ready for the opening ceremony on Tuesday at 06:00.

Others ways you can help
Apart from helping us with a donation, we kindly invite anyone that wants to help out, by reaching out to us. We most likely will need help in caring for the builders during construction and teardown, we welcome everyone that wants to gift their presence as a guardian during the event, and anyone else that feels they want to contribute in another way.

Apart from this physical help, we hope we can rely on your support as well, to help and spread the word via your own network and connections with other participants.

We hope to welcome you all in the Temple of Self in July. We already thank you for your generous support and help. The divine in us salutes the divine in you.