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  • € 10 Door: peeke

    we gaan jullie missen, maar geniet en ga je dromen na. xx pee

    6 maanden geleden
  • € 100 Door: R&R

    Hij had wat vertraging, maar hier is onze bijdrage... Hoop dat je er veel moois mee kunt doen! Nu de farewell party nog ;)

    6 maanden geleden
  • € 10 Door: Cath Johnstone

    What's a bericht?

    6 maanden geleden
  • € 15 Door: Sanne

    One day.. kom ik yogalesjes bij je geven op het strand ;-) Ik wens je al het succes van de wereld met Nuru's Place! xx

    6 maanden geleden

Help us start Nuru's Place!

Help us start Nuru's Place!  image
We need funds! To achieve our dreams to create a positive vibe in Tanzania and have a beautiful bed & breakfast in the outskirts of Dar Es Salaam, we need your help.

Earn your free nights in a Tanzanian B&B!

We are a Dutch/ Tanzanian couple that have been living together in Tanzania for four years now. We - Esther and Rashidi - have a beautiful four year old daughter called Nuru (which means light), and thought it time to set up our own business called Nuru's Place.

With Nuru's Place we want to generate our own income AND help the people around us. How?

First of all
we want to create a positive vibe. After practicing meditation for over ten years, Esther has set up an online meditation course for Tanzanians that will make people aware of the importance of mental health and the power of thoughts. We want to distribute that through facebook and Nuru's Place own website (soon to be online). Why this course? Because Tanzania is a fast growing economy and many people have trouble keeping up. People experience a lot of insecurities in their lives and self confidence to tackle that is low. Meditation could help them increase their self esteem and self worth. Since travelling is a challenge in Tanzania and income is low, selling the course online is the way to reach a lot of people. The launch of the first course is planned in June 2016, but we need to invest to make it legit (a real Tanzanian company), with a beautiful website that works perfectly.

Second of all - we have our Bed and Breakfast. We have a few rooms available for people who want to visit Tanzania, but still need to do some extra work (furniture, solar power, rooftop terrace) to make it extra beautiful. We also need a boat that will benefit local fishermen (many of whom are not able to buy or make a boat) and take our guests to the beautiful Sinda Island.

With our vision Nuru's Place is going to be a place that gives the people around us a little light. Just like you are (hopefully) doing for us, we want to make things a bit easier for people that come to us on a daily basis. They might need money for a medical emergency or their children might want to learn English. In our area we also need a proper solution for all the waste people have (it now gets dumped and burned in a hole).

We want to be able to deal with these needs properly, and start up an English tuition class, set up a waste management system and create a medical emergency fund. Our plan is to use the remainder of your donations and after that at least ten percent (but more if we can) of our income for this purpose alone.

You will see all of our work on the website we are setting up, and we'll keep you posted on the progress on this page here.

Your donations will make our goals much easier to reach, and our ability to share much bigger. So please share your little light with us. If only in name of the beautiful Nuru (our personal little light)!

Everyone who donates will earn free nights in our B&B. Fifty euro's gets you one night, a hundred or more at least two. We would also love to send you an African kanga (fabric) with the translation of the message printed on the fabric. Send us your email if you're interested!

Thank you so much. Asante Sana. Tunashukuru. Dank jullie wel. Namaste.

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