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A dream for Ansumana

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Ansumana is a 13 year old boy from the Gambia, who needs an operation on his knee very Urgent in order to save his leg. Ansumana fell and fractured his leg playing football 10 month ago and now he got a cronic Osteomyelitis, an inflammation of the bone.

Ansumana is one of 5 children and his father passed away in 2014.

His big Brother Ebrima is looking after him, Ebrima took Ansumana to a traditional doctor as there is no health insurance or national health system, and the family cannot afford for medical treatment or this operation. Ansumana has much pain and is not beable to walk more than a few meters, he also couldn't go to school for al this time. The only thing he can do is sit at the house.

I got to know Ebrima on Facebook, asking me for help. We talked a few times on Skype and I could see Ansumana's wounds on his knee. I also contacted a good friend from Gambia, he asked his sister in Law named Jahna, who is a nurse at a hospital at Gambia, to see Ansumana.

March 2016 I send some small money to Ebrima so he and Ansumana could go for a medical examination at the Victoria hospital in Gambia. They went 3 days in 1 week to the hospital, the small amount I send was not enough so Jahna the nurse payed for the X-ray. It was confirmed that the boy has cronic Osteomyelitis and needs an operation a.s.a.p, but this operation can not be done in Gambia. Ansumana got some antibiotics at this time. As Gambia can not do this operation we prepare for a medical examination at Principal hospital in Senengal Dakar, that is a 10 hours travel with, taxi, boat and bus.

English friends, the Sharp family started gofundme crowdfunding for Ansumana on march 11th, , they received 272 english pounds in funds untill now and they spend already 350 GBP for Ansuman's medical examination at Senegal.

April 2016... The Sharp family send 120 GBP to Ebrima to go to Senegal. Ebrima and Ansumana traveled for almost 10 hours and as the calculation of the money they needed was far away from enough they had to sleep for 2 days outside at the hospital gate. They finally met a man from Gambia and he offert them a place to sleep in his place, as it would be to dangerous for them to sleep outside.

May 2016 the Sharp family send 230 GBP for the second and last medical examination at Senegal. These trips have been very hard for Ansumana.

Ansumana is now on antibiotics untill we raise the money for his operation, there is still coming pus out of his wounds.

My wish for this boy is to raise the amount as soon as possible so he can finally have this operation and hopefully can get on with his life. The 1800 euro is a bit tide, but should be enough for the operation, travel, stay, medication and bandage for after the operation.

Thanks much for reading, very appreciated if you would share this dream....

With Love Ansumana and family, Anna Akosua and the Sharp family

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