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Ik ben een vrouw van 49 jaar. Ik ben diverse hoge opleidingen aangegaan, waaronder drie maal een ondernemers opleiding, die helaas onderbroken moest worden. Desondanks heb ik nog steeds de ambitie een eigen horeca bedrijf te willen starten.

My business will make it able to eat, drink and have nice, quality time, in it's own concept. Healthy, tasty food and drinks, combined with 'soft' (live) music, musicians, (on special days). All for a very nice price. Besides service with a smile, also good, honest, quality food and drinks.

This business will be nicely decorated, with rooms and corners; 9 different cultures, all together. All very well combined.

To keep the continuïty/viarety in this business, we'll organise special days with different (food & drinks)themes. Also a spare room for rent; different faccillitys, like (business) meetings/partys/otherwise.

# Customers are welcome anytime: before going to work, after work, before going home.

Thanks for visiting my project. I am in the process of inserting all the exciting details of my project. I hope you will please come back soon and donate to my project