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On monday 16th of December 2013 2 men came to Jumbo the grocery store I work in and bought €600 worth of groceries for a good will … I sat behind the cash register with eyes filled with tears and asked myself what I am doing for the world, or even just my country, I was greatly inspired by these 2 great gentlemen. In July 2014, I plan on going to Ghana and I am saving up money from now December 2013 to help out an orphanage in Ghana, I am a mere student and cannot do a lot on my own, all I asking off you my friend is a donation of €10 even if I can get 10-20 people to help with what I am saving up I am positive that we can make a change is some of these children’s lives. Alone I will fall but together we can stand firm!!

Hey guys remember in December I sent you all a message about a €10 for an children's home donation and it still stands till july thats when I will be going there. personally I have been saving 10% of what ever I send on food (koopzegels) so its looking good on my part .. if you are still interested in helping these orphans pls send me a private message .. God bless everyone of you in advance

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