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Women's Baseball World Cup

Finally here again - the Women's Baseball World Cup 2016! This year it all takes place in Gijang, South-Korea, Sept. 3 to Sept. 11.

The Netherlands will take part in Women’s Baseball World Cup as the sole representative of Europe for the fourth tournament in a row. In 2010 we made our debut in Venezuela. In 2012 we won our first international game against Cuba in Canada. And in 2014 in Japan we showed the world we do belong by challenging both Venezuela and Chinese Taipei in very close games. This year’s goal is to rank in the top 7 of the world, and I need your help to us get there!

This is my 3rd World Cup, at least I hope it will be. As a member of Team Netherlands we are responsible for covering many costs ourselves throughout the season. This includes uniforms, indoor practice facility fees, the travel expenses (for me traveling to the other end of the Netherlands twice a week for practice and games), and of course the airfare to South-Korea!

To help ease the financial burden of these expenses I'm appealing for a little bit of help. Every donation, small or big, will help me on this road to the Women's Baseball World Cup 2016.

As a little thank you i'm giving every person who helps me an original TEAM NL wristband, of course in the best color ever - orange (hand delivered by me at any Team NL game or practice).

Thank you all very much =).

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